Feb 03, 2023

Ominext - 11 years of bravery and the dream of Digital Health

Ominext Joint Stock Company is a subsidiary of OmiGroup


OmiGroup (formerly known as Ominext Group) - an enterprise specializing in the field of Digital Health has just been awarded a Certificate by the Department of Information Technology - Ministry of Health for our achievements in contributing to the development of IT in the health sector in Vietnam and contributing to improving people's health care.


This is a statement to the efforts and bravery during 11 years of developing and affirming the Ominext brand.




In the early stages of starting a business, young businesses face many difficulties and challenges. But over more than 10 years, Ominext has developed more than 250 systems for 10,000 pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals across Japan and is known as one of the very few foreign companies that are members of JAHIS - Japan Association of Healthcare Information System Industry.


In particular, Ominext has realized its dream when the Information Technology system combined by Ominext with a leading Japanese corporation

on clinical trials developed and officially used for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The journey to improve comprehensive health care for people and society is still difficult and challenging.


Ominext is ready to "transform and reach out", affirming its outstanding Digital Health capacity not only in Japan, EU, US, APAC countries and in the future will also contribute more in its home country of Vietnam.


Let's look back at the journey of bravery and writing the Digital Health dream shared by CEO Tran Quoc Dung here: https://tinyurl.com/248ew8um