Global Healthtech Company

We create the next values


Ominext is a subsidiary of OmiGroup. Since 2012, we have implemented Digital Transformation for thousands of hospitals and health facilities.

Our + 700 employees share the same goal of contributing our deep expertise towards accelerating the journey of spreading advanced healthcare technology solutions

We create the next values
We create the next values
We create the next values
  • Our Vision

    Pioneer the development of an ecosystem with comprehensive healthcare and technology services.

  • Our Mission

    Committed to accompanying the journey to improve the effectiveness of human and social healthcare.

Our Core Values

  • Expert

    Our team members are all high qualified engineers with great communication skills and excellent problem solving skills. This is one of the most important factors that helps us always ensure the delivery of high performance projects

  • Integrity

    We aiming at long-term cooperation and building trust is one of our top priorities. Honest, Responsible and Accountable are how we solve rising problems

  • Respect

    When it comes to communication between Ominext and our customers as well as our employees, always showing respect is what we keep in mind. It’s a fundamental value that we follow to build positive relationships, effective communication, and a healthy work culture

  • Continuously Improving

    We stay on top of trends. Eager to explore knowledge is what helps us quickly adapt to changes and solve challenging problems at ease


Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Visionaries

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    Tran Quoc Dung

    CEO, OmiGroup

  • thumb-team

    Phan Manh Hung

    CTO, OmiGroup/ Omi System Solutions

  • thumb-team

    Do Thi Thuy Van

    COO, OmiGroup/ Omi Medical Solutions

  • thumb-team

    Do Minh Hien

    CFO, OmiGroup

  • thumb-team

    Dang My Hanh

    Director, Omi Japan/ Omi Medical

  • thumb-team

    Taizan Suzuki

    Vice Director, Omi Medical

Our Manager Team

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    Hoang Van Tien

    Business Unit Director No.1

  • thumb-team

    Ta Van Hiep

    Business Unit Director No.2

  • thumb-team

    Nguyen Xuan Nam

    Business Unit Director No.3

  • thumb-team

    Nguyen Chi Thanh

    Business Unit Director No.4

  • thumb-team

    Phan Van Dang Khoa

    Business Unit Director No.5

  • thumb-team

    Nguyen Viet Manh

    Business Unit Director No.6

Awards & Recognition