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What will we do

Professionally evaluating software applications to identify defects, errors, and quality issues, which ensures that the software meets its requirements, functions correctly, and is reliable throughout the software development lifecycle

Our Capacities

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    Mobile/Tablet App

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    Desktop App

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    Web service

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    Manual Testing

    Unit Test, Integration Test, System Test, UAT

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    Auto Testing

    Performance Test, Security Test, API, Batch

Our Procedure

The Complete Testing Procedure

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    Test Plan

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    Test Design

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    Test Data

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    Test Environment

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    Test Execute

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    Test Report

Why Choose Us

why choose us

Comprehensive Solution

Our team of experts always listen and analyze customer requirements, then estimate the project cost and bring complete solutions to customer problems. Our service covers all aspects of testing services:

  • Design Test Plan, Framework, Process
  • Recruit and Prepare resources
  • Input training

A group of testers who not only are experts in testing techniques but also have strong knowledge about systems, professionals and IT. Moreover, we continuously improve our knowledge through occasional trainings in order to meet project requirements

Ominext offers flexible and quick Maintenance & Testing Service that cater to the specific requirements of each business. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and quickly adapt to any requirement changes

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Ensure Seamless and Effective Operation with Maintenance and Testing