Ominext JSC concludes alliance agreement with Creo Inc.
Nov 10, 2018

Ominext JSC (Headquarters: Hanoi, VietNam; Representative Director: Mr. Tran Quoc Dung; hereinafter called "Ominext") announced the basic agreement on a capital and business alliances with a Japanese IT company, Creo Inc (Headquarters: Shinagawa ward, Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director: Mr. Junichi Kakizaki; hereinafter called "Creo").

Creo is an independent system development company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for over 40 years. With abundant know-how on software business, Creo are deploying a wide range of solutions including core enterprise system solutions for corporations and system development for government agencies / municipalities.

Based on the basic agreement tie-up by both companies, we intend to take the following measures in the future.

1. Ominext receives offshore orders from Creo
In order to improve the productivity of product development, Ominext will undertake an offshore development of some of the products currently developed and sold by Creo.
In addition, Ominext also helps reducing the risk of losing orders from customers that occurred due to the shortage of staffs within Creo by undertaking some of the development work that Creo has entrusted.

2. Human resources exchange and know-how sharing
As a mutual learning relationship, the two companies will work to improve mutual technical capabilities by dispatching engineers for a certain period of time or making them into permanent employees.
Ominext will try to share the leading technologies in Japan such as IoT, smart devices, and clouds. Also, Creo will share technologies such as upstream processes of software development, quality control, business know-how for developing various business systems.。

3. Cooperation in research and development and commercialization of its results
Ominext has a professional skilled staffs that are mostly graduated from the leading science and technology universities in Vietnam such as Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology,... Besides, Creo has accumulated business know-how and the latest IT technologies from their experience working with various companies and government agencies.
We will cooperate in research and development of new business and technical fields. We expect a favorable growth in the future and will consider the prospect of commercialization according to the results.

4. Establishment of a joint venture
We plan to jointly establish a joint venture company in order to implement the plan that was mentioned in Section 3 efficiently and smoothly.
The details of the investment ratio between two companies and details related to the management of the joint venture are currently under discussion.The new company is preparing to establish,with the goal of going into operation in November 2019.

About Creo

Corporate name    Creo Corporation
Representative Director   Junichi Kakizaki
Headquarters   Shinagawa ward, Tokyo, Japan

Creo develops a wide range of solutions including development and sales of core applications, centered on business package "ZeeM" for administrative department and "SmartStage", an IT service management tool. Creo also provide Cloudshift service, development systems for government agencies and local governments.

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